Conduct (members/players)

This code of conduct is mandatory for any player at Brentwood Padel Club (BPC), operated by Padel 123 Ltd, member and non-member. By playing at BPC, players are giving consent to adhere to it. 

 Not following these rules will lead to the player being banned from playing at the club, with no recourse to have the membership refunded, if they were a member.

The decision regarding whether any of these rules have been violated, as well as the appropriate measures to take, will be solely and exclusively taken by the management of the club, with reasoning being provided in writing to the player in question.


  1. Matches, socials and tournaments

    1. The Open matches set up by the club or players are open to all players of the set levels. No player has the right to ask for the removal of one of the players who joined the match. Bullying and divisive behaviour are not tolerated, on and off the court, and will lead to immediate expulsion from BPC.

    2. Players are expected to show respectful, supportive behaviour on court. Matches need to be conducted in the true spirit of fairness and sportsmanship, win or lose. Complaining directly or indirectly about the match performance of another player is not tolerated by BPC

    3. Any attempts to undermine another player will not be tolerated and could lead to expulsion from the club. 

    4. If players of lower level are added to certain matches by the management of the club, please respect this decision as it may be part of testing if a player should be upgraded to a higher rating. Refusing to accept management decisions on the matter will lead to expulsion.

    5. It is down to the management of the club to utilise court capacity in the most efficient way to meet demand. This may mean that matches may need to be moved or cancelled if they are not complete and there’s a full booking that can take the same slot. Please be respectful and understanding of these decisions. 

    6. All players have equal rights on the court and at the club, and this is not driven by how frequently they play. 

    7. If you sign up for a tournament without a partner and delegated the responsibility of choosing a partner to the club, please follow through with your decision and respect the choice made by the club for you; these decisions are made in the fairest way to ensure the most appropriate player available is allocated to you.

    8. Sexual harassment, racism, sexism, derogatory comments related to someone’s nationality, race, sexual orientation, or any other inappropriate comments towards or related to any of our players will not be allowed on premises and will trigger an immediate expulsion.


  1. Levels / Player Ratings

    1. Levels are not up to negotiation between players and coaches. The coaches and club management have the ultimate decision and will take the appropriate actions to ensure players have allocated ratings in a fair manner, reflective of their progress and performance. 

    2. Rating review can be done directly by coaches after a lesson, training or observing the player in a match.

    3. Other players’ views of your level are irrelevant and should not be used as an argument to coaches to ask for an upgrade.


  1. Sign up and payments

    1. It’s your responsibility to pay for membership, matches, lessons, tournaments and socials on the app/online or at the club when booking. 

    2. To speed up the payment process through the app, players can add credit to their account and use it for bookings or at the bar. It’s the players’ responsibility to check if they have enough balance to make payments.

    3. BPC staff cannot create private matches for players (members or non-members) and do not deal with private bookings: it is the player’s responsibility to book a court online and arrange the payment with the other players.

    4. Players can join and withdraw from matches up to 48 hours in advance. Once the deadline has passed if they want to get removed from the match they have to find a replacement by sending the link to the appropriate WhatsApp group. For lessons/group classes/mix-ins they can send a message to the club admin.

    5. Any authorised booking cancellations will result in any related payment being refunded back to the App account. No refund will be processed back to personal card or bank accounts.



  1. Facilities and common areas

    1. It is the players’ responsibility to throw their rubbish in the provided labelled bins (glass, mixed recycling, general waste). It is not the staff’s responsibility to pick up food leftovers, empty bottles, used overgrips etc.

    2. The players are required to ensure the court is cleared of all used balls at the end of their match.s.

    3. Lost property found by staff members will be kept secure and returned upon request. If not claimed, all objects will be disposed of after 1 month.


  1. Operating hours

    1. The club has an operating hours policy Daily from 7 am - 10 pm. Players are asked to leave the club by 10:30 pm latest.